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Portable Heaters Guide and our exclusive portable heaters review, should bring you closer to determining what type of portable electric heater will best fit your needs and it will also answer the question: "are space heaters energy efficient". You will see plenty of reviews for this product from Lasko, Honeywell, Holmes and bunch of other portable heaters. You will find on this site portable heaters reviews for electric heaters like: Homles tower heater with remote, Lasko oscillating ceramic tower, Honeywell 360 surround heater, Honeywell hz-385bp safety sentinel, and various tower heater with remote and automatic thermostats that will answer that question above: are space heaters energy efficient.

In this video below learn who Consumer Reports recommends. It might be a little surprising but definitely not shocking.

Depending on your homes heating and cooling system sometimes it might be a good idea to think about heating and cooling a certain room or area of the home. Some folks notice winter season is a time to watch your energy expenses shoot up. Normally it is the electric bill that takes up a large chunk. Normally those of you who have central heat will notice the biggest increase and that is why it might be a good idea to heat select areas of your home. If your heat pump is not serviced regularly then  it is not even close to running efficiently. Unfortunately home heat is not something that you cannot live without during the chilly winter months. But if learn to manage how your heat is distributed and place  energy efficient space heaters where you spend the bulk of your time, then you can cut those heating costs in half. We provide plenty of ideas below.

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Check it out for Safety Reasons

It doesn't matter if you want to heat a large room, small enclosed room or a large outdoor space there is a portable heater that will be perfect for you and portable heaters guide will help you. As you browse through portable heaters guide we will share with you heater review and prices but make sure and take notes on: BTU's, size, safety and whether you want to use portable propane heater, portable electric space heater, portable radiant heaters, or even a portable heater with a thermostat. Don't forget to look for energy efficient portable heaters section in portable heaters guide because we will cover the quartz infrared portable heaters.

Not only will this portable heaters guide give you the "types" of portable heat on the market you will also learn about Delonghi, Honeywell, Holmes and many more to come. We will go in depth with each manufacturer and give you some portable heater reviews from personal experience and some links to reviews over at Amazon. Everything will be in one place so you can search until you find the right fit. Don't hesitate to contact us for questions you might have.

Any type of portable gas heater also has the concern of carbon monoxide poisoning. That includes kerosene, natural gas, or propane. These types of outdoor heaters are best kept OUTDOORS. We have used our kerosene portable heater downstairs in an emergency setting but made sure to leave a window open to help vent the fumes out.

When you purchase your next portable space heater use portable heaters guide to help you make the right choice. If you order online heaters, make sure and shop for the best prices as well as free shipping. We've managed to purchase our last 3 heaters with free shipping so don't give in if you can wait a couple extra days.

Portable Heaters Buying Guide

  • Make sure it has a UL sticker/mark which marks that it has been independently tested
  • Always turn off before sleeping or leaving the room
  • Keep it away from items that can burn easily (at least 3 feet or more)
  • Supervise children when present so they don't knock the unit over **most models have a built in tip over mechanism that turns it off once it is tipped over
  • Don't use it with extension cords, go direct into the wall socket
  • Don't add fuel while the unit is still hot/warm. Make sure it's room temperate or less.
  • Every year fireman respond to home fires related to portable heaters so be smart.


Portable Electric Heaters Guide

Portable electric heaters can be defined as either: convection or radiant and electric baseboard heaters are part of this class.....Keep Reading about portable electric heaters.

Portable Ceramic Heaters Guide

Portable ceramic heaters have been on the market for a several years now and a lot of people like these heaters and you're seeing them all around you and didn't even know it. Ceramic portable heaters can be small enough to fit under a desk or large enough for an entire room. Using aluminum baffles...... read more about Portable Ceramic Heaters

Portable Propane Heaters Guide

Portable propane heaters are very popular among boaters in the northwest and ice fisherman in the northern parts of our country. They are now spilling over into the home heating category and they do provide instant and another home heating option. These heaters can provide heat for.......Portable Propane Heaters

You've got a lot of options when it comes to heating your rooms in your home. Radiant heaters, oil filled radiator heaters, ceramic tower heater, fan heaters, kerosene heaters like my in-laws use every time their power goes out, and the new electric fireplaces. Don't forget the portable electric thermostat heaters, those things are really cool. This protable heaters guide will give you all the links to help you find the portable heaters you seek and links to view them online.

Manufacturers of portable heaters are many but I'm sure you know the top brands like the Honeywell HZ315 QuickHeat Ceramic Electric Compact Heater, Delonghi's Retro Fan Heater, Lakewood Fan-Forced personal Deluxe Heater, Marvin 5460 Steam 'n Heat, Lakewood Oil-Filled Low Profile 750, Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Propane Heater, Dimplex: Dimplex Corner Wall Mount Fireplace, ceramic space heater from Soleus, portable space heater from Dayton, NewAir, Jujitronic, Air King, Sunpentown.

Formula to determine if a ceramic, radiant and even space heaters energy efficient ratings

Electric Bill Formula (watts)
1. Ask your electric company the cost per kilowatt
2. watts x hours used x rate/1000
3. If you use your unit for 12 hours at 1500 watts that would be $.36 cents per 12 hours.
4. 12 hours times 30 days equals $10.80 a month

Let's start exploring and compare some makes and models of the most popular portable heaters now. Click here to get back to the top of portable heaters guide.

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