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 Space Heaters That Are Energy Efficient

Space Heaters Energy Efficient devices are great when the cold starts to make its way inside your homes, it truly becomes an uncomfortable experience. If this happens, you would probably turn to your space heater. Although heaters are a big help in keeping you warm during the cold, these devices also tend to make a big hole in your pockets every month when the electricity bill comes through your mail.

Stick around we have a space heaters review and buyers guide below.

The portable heater reviews below will give you ideas from consumersearch reports, discuss energy efficent space heaters for each manufacturer, dive into the air flow and fan speeds, and talk about a energy efficient home and various ways of using energy efficient heating.

What is a Space Heater?

The best space heater is self contained device that is used for heating a particular closed area. Unlike central heaters, this is generally used to warm a small room or a small space. These are usually a portable space heater or mounted / installed on the walls. Given this, space heaters are also usually used as a complementary heat source together with a central heater. Space heaters may also be classified into different types including convective heaters, radiative heaters (radiant heater), electric space heaters, gas heaters, and kerosene heaters. Space heaters are commonly powered by electricity and so because of this, when the cold increases and you turn on the heater, your electric bill can likewise increase. With this, it would be best to get yourself space heaters energy efficient typed ones.

Why You Should Get Space Heaters Energy Efficient Devices

When it starts to get cold, it is only natural for you to find ways to keep yourself warm and toasty. This is why even though you have to pay extra on your electricity, you go ahead and turn on the heater but if you have space heaters energy efficient devices, you can do away with some of the inconvenience brought by regular space heaters.

Cost efficient:
With electric
energy efficient space heaters, you can stay warm without having to pay too much additional costs. The space heaters are specially engineered to use a lesser amount of electricity as compared to regular electric ones. Space heaters energy efficient devices also work with a thermostat and a timer. These help you in managing the use of the space heaters, also enabling you to minimize electricity use when it is not needed.

Space heaters energy efficient devices are also convenient to have. Since most of these are portable, you can take it anywhere with you. Also because of its portability, having energy efficient space heaters also make it easier for you to pull them out every time that you need one. For instance, if someone suddenly gets sick and needs warmth, you can provide the needed heat with these devices any time. All in all, you can effectively heat up any room with space heaters energy efficient devices at a single time.

You do not have to worry about long waits if you have space heaters
energy efficient devices. Since these heaters give off a more focused heat at a lesser amount.

Buying Guide for Space Heaters That Are Energy Efficient

If you are going to purchase space heaters energy efficient devices, there are several factors that you need to consider such as the size, capacity, thermostat, and timer among others. In order to help you narrow down your search for the perfect space heaters energy efficient devices, you can look for brands that offer you the best options.

Each link below will take you directly to the page that lists specific portable heaters that each manufacturer carries.  Get model models and then go read some reviews at Amazon, WalMart or even eBay.  Customer reviews are how we normally make our selections for any purchase.

Honeywell This brand offers a line of effective space heaters energy efficient devices. Aside from the space heaters themselves, they also offer programmable and non programmable thermostats that can help you manage and control the heat inside a room or area. For instance, you can choose from different Honeywell EnergySmart heaters with Digital EnergySmart Technology. It is guaranteed to warm up a room while still allowing you to save up to 35% on your electricity bills.

Holmes offers a line of space heaters energy efficient devices that are safe for family use. These are made with the use of Eco-Smart technology. The different portable space heaters energy efficient devices include an automatic shut off function that can help you control the amount of time and hence, the amount of electricity that are consumed. Other features include a digital thermostat control, a tip over protection, and a space saving sleek design. The different space heaters offered by Holmes can help you save up to an average of 5% to 15% on your heating bills.

Delonghi space heaters energy efficient devices that are offered by Delonghi come in various models and styles. With these devices, you can cut down your fuel consumption that can help you and the environment as well. The space heaters features include an on/standby switch and tip over protection. The former allows you to put the heater on pause which is similar to an automatic shut down feature.

These are the three most often seen different brands on the shelves in your local stores.  That by no means makes them the best.  Take a close look at some of the other manufacturers who make a portable electric space heater.

  • Stiebel Eltron   
  • Lakewood   
  • Sunpentown   
  • Soleus  
  • Air King  
  • Fujitronic   
  • NewAir      
  • Dayton

Don't forget all these manufactures also make a ceramic space heater, radiant heater, quartz tower heaters and many more variations, sizes and models. All of these producers offer their most efficient space heaters that are available in the market. With the useful features and designs of the space heaters energy efficient devices, you can heat up a room to have a warm and comfortable stay even if it is freezing outside. 

Energy Education

There is no doubt all of us want to reduce our utilities expenses.  There are energy education programs if you look for them.  Start with your local power company. I bet they offer energy bulletins, energy programs and give you ideas on renewable energy.  They probably have brochures or send you publications on weatherization, how to make an energy efficient home, and could teach you how to upgrade to an energy efficient office.

We hope you enjoyed these space heater reviews and our space heater energy efficient tools.


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